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Hoarding Behavior Assessments The Hoarding Behavior Assessment (HBA) consists of a home visit from a trained professional who will assess the level of hoarding behavior, issues of home safety, and the willingness to make a behavior change. With the completion of the assessment, an action plan will be developed and if needed, referrals to community resources will be made. Assessments take between 60 and 120 minutes to complete. Counseling referrals are available post intervention if needed.

Donations are requested to cover the expenses of providing the assessments however service will not be contingent upon ability to pay.


Number in Household: 1

HBA Suggested Donation Chart

Monthly IncomeSuggested Donation
<$1000 (100% of FPL)$0
$1001 – $1200 (120% of FPL)$10 (less than 1% of monthly income)
$1201 – 1500 (120%-150% of FPL)$20 (1.3% – 1.6% of monthly income)
$1501 – 1700 (150%-175% of FPL)$30 (1.7% – 1.9% of monthly income
$1701 – 2000 (175% -200% of FPL)$40 (2% – 2.3% of monthly income)
$2000 – 2500 (200% -250% of FPL)$50 (2% – 2.5% of monthly income)
$2501 (250% + of FPL)$100 (3.9% of monthly income or less)

For further information on Hoarding Behavior Assessments, or to schedule an assessment,
please call 734-340-5813.

Workshops and Speaking Events

The Hoarding Task Force Speakers Bureau is available to provide community and professional education and training on various aspects of hoarding behavior. Past presentation topics have included:

• A general overview of hoarding behavior

• Task force building

• How to intervene with persons who hoard

The Speakers Bureau is comprised of Hoarding Task Force members from a variety of disciplines including social work, law, code enforcement, professional organizing, and community housing.

The Speakers Bureau will work to customize presentations for your group’s needs. The Speakers Bureau presentation fee is $200/hour plus expenses.

If interested in a presentation from the Speaker’s Bureau please download and fill out an application and email it to

Previous Trainings and Presentations Provided by the Speaker’s Bureau

CAP Training: Presents a history of our Task Force and“How to Help a Hoarder”
Clutter & Chaos: Discuss difference between hoarding and clutter give strategies on how to organize home to maintain stuff.
Effective Enforcement with Compassion: What to expect when code enforcement personnel get involved with hoarding.
Get Organized and Stay Organized: Using filing systems, recycling techniques, and other methods to organize a home.
Hoarding 101: Presents an overview of hoarding behaviors, best practices and intervention, and legal strategies.
How to Help a Hoarder: Discusses the Do’s and Don’ts of helping a hoarder be successful.
Letting Go of Your Clutter: Re-Thinking the Way We Manage Clutter

Reducing Clutter: Where do I take my Stuff?

*The Hoarding Task Force is an all volunteer organization. A fee will be requested to cover the costs of printing, staff time, and travel. Please contact the Task Force for more information.

Clutter Assistance Volunteer Program

The Clutter Assistance Program matches clients with trained volunteers. Volunteers help in creating or maintaining a stable housing environment by providing ongoing and meaningful interventions for persons who experience hoarding behaviors.

Volunteer requirements include a two hour mandatory training, attending mandatory bi-monthly debriefing sessions and a 6 month participation commitment. Volunteer duties include scheduled one on one home visits (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) and submitting a brief evaluation after each visit to Hoarding Task Force supervisor.

For more information, and to complete an application, please see our “How to Help” Volunteer page.